Legal Horses For Courses

Legal Specialists

The complexities of modern law have created the need for specialists in different areas of law and the legal process.

Gone are the days when general practitioners with an overview knowledge of different law could handle a multitude of different legal cases.

In the modern world it is far more common to engage specific solicitors for a range of issues including; matrimonial law, litigation, conveyancing, copyright law, business (commercial litigation), defamation, motoring law, bankruptcy law, consumer law, contract law, Continue reading “Legal Horses For Courses”

Why Your Web Design Is Critical To Success Online

Web Design Is Important For Online Success

There are three key elements that work together to make your online presence successful. Your web design shouldn’t be thought of a separate, but as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

The way that your site is built and designed will impact how your site then performs in search, as well as how well it can convert your visitors into Continue reading “Why Your Web Design Is Critical To Success Online”

Online Shopping & Security

Shopping Online Today

The internet and the innovations and refinements of our computers and smart devices, have given shopping on the internet a larger slice of the retail world than ever before.

It has become so easy to use, allowing browsing and “window shopping” from almost anywhere in the country that you may find yourself.

As fibre optic cabling brings more and more of us ever-faster broadband access, the process of buying things Continue reading “Online Shopping & Security”

House Construction – Getting Started

Getting House Construction Started

Assuming planning is finalised and approved, setting out can begin. This is outlining the buildings footprint by driving pegs into corners and marking the proposed walls out with survey line spray.

Within the plan all the load bearing walls should be marked, and the width of the trenches also, the depth will have to be determined when the ground has been broken into.

The trench work is usually dug by backhoe or mini digger, as is the back fill.

It is generally the building inspector that determines the depth of the trench. Provided the soil has good Continue reading “House Construction – Getting Started”