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Legal Specialists

The complexities of modern law have created the need for specialists in different areas of law and the legal process.

Gone are the days when general practitioners with an overview knowledge of different law could handle a multitude of different legal cases.

In the modern world it is far more common to engage specific solicitors for a range of issues including; matrimonial law, litigation, conveyancing, copyright law, business (commercial litigation), defamation, motoring law, bankruptcy law, consumer law, contract law, criminal law, cyber law, employment law, health and safety law, medical law, patent law, privacy law, property law, …… see the full list of different law types here.

In the same way that a modern GP has a general knowledge that allows him to identify issues and problems and refer you to an expert for whatever fails you, the legal profession has a growing army of niche specific legal experts who have focused their knowledge into specific areas of law.

This gives them a huge advantage, for if they only defend or prosecute specific types of cases, they build a very detailed knowledge to take forward to their next case.

It has long been the case that seeking out an expert offers unique benefits, and in some ways the legal profession has been slow to catch up, but there is an ever growing army of professionals, dedicated to in some cases very specific areas of law.

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